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ESSDi Pattern Design Scholar

Pattern making is a process of converting a two-dimensional structure to a three-dimensional fit after stitching. ESSDi PDS enables the user to have the best possibility to yield the desired garment pattern with advanced and sophisticated tools. ESSDi PDS is classified into many components of Pattern designing, Grading, editing, and checking along with special features like Pleats, Darts, Fullness, and so on. More to say, Automation in adding precise characters like Notches, dart lines, seam, and stacking improvise the quality of design reducing man-hours. Automation in the grading process eases the designer to get error-free gradation in all sizes with ease. Cut and sewn patterns can be created from scratch or graded patterns depends on the requirement or the sewn character.

ESSDi Marker

Fabric Consumption is one of the important aspects to support the user to have the best fabric saving. ESSDi Marker presents all necessary features to enhance the confidence in getting the required fabric savings. Firstly, the basic expectation would be the desired fabric width which is based on best fabric saving but sometimes, customer's need to go for available fabric width in the market. Secondly, the Character of fabric one way or two ways on which the patterns have to be placed in a specified direction or orientation. Thirdly, a Ratio or combination of sizes is important to have the marker to exhaust the stipulated order quantity. Then allowances are required to satisfy all necessary conditions to have a trouble-free process of cutting in bulk. Based on these parameters and constraints the efficacy of the marker is being ascertained. ESSDi Marker Tools facilitate the user to have a greater level of comfort in Marker Planning to reduce the cost of the final product substantially.

ESSDi Supermark

ESSDi Super Mark is state of art technology that is completely automated to replace the manual intervention in aligning and placing the patterns to achieve the best fabric saving. ESSDi SM considers all necessary constraints of a Marker, involved in getting the desired result. ESSDi SM contains both to show the user the difference but they need to consider only with allowance is the correct one. ESSDi SM takes care of Open width, Open width folded, tubular fabric, and tubular fabric folded for aspects like One garment One way, One fabric, Two-way Fabric, Solid, Blocking, Pairing, and so on. ESSDi Super marker can mark folders of styles automatically for both consumption and plotting purposes which is called bulk marker planning.

ESSDi Yarn

ESSDi Yarn is designed for the knitted fabric of any kind which normally is weighed not measured. This is the first of its kind that cannot be seen in any CAD system available in the global market. ESSDi Yarn is a boon to the knitting industry which provides all necessary data that is required in the purchase of yarn and cutting room management. ESSDi Yarn fetches accurate results of yarn requirement, fabrication, dyeing allocation, and cutting room management. Since the output of ESSDi Yarn is in HTML format this can interface with any ERP solutions available with the client.

ESSDi Import

Global Technology innovations are on an uptrend. Every developer needs to have clear communication, or sharing of file formates is inevitable. Powerful ESSDi Import comfortably handshakes with all leading file formats available internationally. More so, ESSDi Import eases the user to convert bulk of files with all necessary internals, seam allowances, and other pattern characters as it is. ESSDi IC provides online support to its customers to convert files.

ESSDi Export

ESSDi Export enables users to share their files of having all necessary details of seam allowances, Internals, pattern detailings and other specific pattern characters with their vendor as ASTM(.DXF and .RUL), AAMA(.DXF), .PDF and .HPGL file formats to get single or graded patterns which are highly compatible with all global CAD System. The bulk of styles in a folder can be easily exported using ESSDi Export.

ESSDi Plot

Industries need output for the designs made either as printing or cut shapes. ESSDi Plot enables the user to interface with both printing and cutting plotters, available world-wide.

ESSDi Auto-Cut

ESSDi CUT is an interfacing program with any Fabric Auto-Cutters available globally. Its cut path management program reduces the cutting process simpler and faster. ESSDi Cut provides easy solutions for both open-width and tubular fabric. Cut files are generated by ESSDi Cut to mark Patterns placed on the fold is recognized by the system and displayed in the cutter monitor. Patterns are in Frames to cut are shown as per the cut path.

vESSDi Auto-Gen Scholar

Pattern Making is a technique that needs high-level experience and skill and it is the key factor of this garment industry. ESSDi Auto-Gen works with Artificial Intelligence where amidst few parameters the required patterns can be produced without any designer. Firstly, Type the measurement given as in the specification sheet provided by the buyer along with necessary seam allowances. ESSDi Auto-gen will generate all necessary patterns of the selected style with graded sizes and internals in seconds. It is again a state of Art technology produced by ESSDi IC.


Digitizers are the instruments used to capture patterns and convert them to usable in digitized layouts. This needs a digitizing tablet which costs several thousands of dollars and needs constant maintenance. ESSDi D-Cam bypasses cumbersome processes and captures multiple patterns in one shot with a simple web-cam with utmost accuracy rate. Further, it facilitates catch-up graded patterns with very minimal tolerance. Easy Tools are provided to alter the patterns in the ESSDi D-Cam screen itself.

ESSDi S’Cube

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