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S’Cube defines the top profile enlightened vision of entire activities concerning an institution. S’Cube instills Professionalism in Educational Management System. S’Cube extends a greater level of comfort to consolidates various branches of the institution. S’Cube extends the management to identify the inbuilt skills of every faculty member and the student to bring the best out of them.


The administration module is the soul of the product S’Cube swamping every defining code related to fees structure, admission, teaching and non-teaching staff’s and their salary, ESI, PF, vehicles, their maintenance and operations, purchase and inventory management, games, environment, extracurricular activities, parental association and extra. It maintains various reports like TC, periodical government submissive documents, attendance by the biometric system, progressive cards of each student, class allocation of students, salary, bus fees, term fees, library, transport, etc.


S’Cube automation allocates staff and students subject-wise. S’Cube user-friendly features provide a conducive ground to enhance the efficiency of teaching faculties by reducing their workload. It compiles the marks scored by every student and prepares their grade sheet as well. It provides more leverage for teachers to focus on students individually and severally. It develops thus a social interaction between the teachers and the taught to maintain a benign ambiance in the curriculum.


S’Cube equips the library with the data of every book in-store, its date of purchase, cost, publication author , etc through the bar code system. S’Cube allocates book subject-wise, easy for lending. S’Cube technically follow-up every lender to impose fine if any, on late returning, damage or loss of book. It stipulates a fine on default as per provisions given. S’Cube reduces the pressure of maintaining stock inventory.

Essence of S’Cube

S’Cube’s innovation is its automatic generation of consolidated data of every erstwhile feature of running an educational institution. S’Cube caters to the chartered need of any educational institute. It enhances the possibilities of material savings and reducing the running cost by and large. S’Cube is a process of exhuming the confidence of the students, their parents, and the public at large. S’Cube has been designed to eliminate much of the manual work involved in the process of our educational system. S’Cube is a veritable treasure house in the field of education.

School Management

S’CUBE, an educational management system controls the entire operations of a scholastic institution. Like Admission, student profile, staff profile, attendance, timetable, marking system, subject allocation, student allocation, fees structure, fees as per government quota, SMS reminders, progress card as per government norms, transportation, library management & SMS reminder, material management, hostel management, TC, administrative ledgers and reports and forms as per government regulations and so on.

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