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ESSDi Trading

We, ESSDi Sourcing and Trading, provide the best sourcing of garments to our global clients as they require. Understanding the future of garmenting globally, ESSDi projects its strategy of governing and formulating a unique network of supplying quality garments to our global people by way of connecting both buyers and manufacturers. Our service started in small level supplying knitted garments to shops in Middle East. We have tremendous manufacturing leads of producing quality knitted, woven, made-ups even food items.

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ESSDi Sourcing

ESSDi started its career in providing support to garment industry in India and abroad by way of its unique ESSDi Garudan, CAD solution. Many companies here in Tirupur enjoyed our service to plan and execute their orders in time. ESSDi cares its client’s every step to get through on their orders effortlessly to satisfy their buyers which leads them to have an increased profit margin in every order.

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ESSDi Ethics

ESSDi earned so far good number of people who have ethical sense rather than earning big money. ESSDi has unshakable belief in having long term relationship with its customers to get decent business leads and deals. Hence we are highly cautious in selecting our business partners to maintain always a healthy trend and atmosphere.

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ESSDi attracts Buyers

ESSDi encourages any quantity even sample orders to gain their confidence level stage by stage. We do supply samples for genuine buyers to initiate a business lead with a long term focus. We have no bar in quantity, either it is small or massive. We can ship them in a stipulated time schedule. We are open for your visit, to show our network of manufacturers from small to legend. We have manufacturers with latest infrastructure and machineries to enhance the quality of our product and meet the time frame.